Batwing Sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves that are fitted at the wrist and gradually widen to be full under the arm. May also be referred to as a dolman sleeve.

Batwing Sleeves


A close-fitting one-piece garment that covers the body but not the legs, similar to a one-piece swimsuit. Frequently made of a stretch knit material.



A lightweight knit fabric created by combining two different yarns, then destroying part of one type of yarn (often by dissolving it) to create a finished product with a partially-sheer pattern.



A fitted strapless top with boning throughout to create a cinched shape. Can be worn either as a brassiere or as an outer garment. May also be referred to as a bra top.



In watches, this describes an analog movement with a stopwatch function, displayed in 2 or 3 sub-dials that count seconds, minutes and sometimes partial seconds.



A close-fitting lingerie-style top that extends from the chest to the hips. Corsets often feature boning to create a streamlined silhouette.



A V-shaped tuck that is sewn into a garment to shape it. Darts are often found at the bustline, shoulder, waist, and hipline of garments.



Any synthetic fabric or material that mimics the look and feel of the genuine item. Examples include faux leather, faux fur or faux pearls.


Foil Print

A design or allover screen-print that uses a foiled finish for a shiny metallic effect. Frequently used on denim, t-shirts and other knits.


Gladiator Sandal

An open-toe sandal with an upper composed of multiple crisscrossing straps. Designed to resemble the footwear of ancient Roman gladiators.



A small, highly ornamental evening bag often adorned with jewels, metal trim or other decorative items. These bags vary in shape and often include a short chain.



A heeled shoe with a closed back and a low-cut vamp. Pumps may have open toes, peep toes, pointed toes, or round toes, and can have heels of varying heights.



How well a fabric returns to its original state after being stretched. To have good recovery means that a fabric will stretch but not become misshapen and stretched out.



A material that has the look, feel and durability or natural stone without using actual stone. Often used as a decorative element on jewelry.



Leather or faux leather with a textured finish consisting of a series of diagonal lines. This creates a durable, scratch-resistant surface.



A pair of shorts with an attached flap that covers the chest and has adjustable straps that fit over the shoulders. The shorts variation of full-length overalls.


Skater Dress/Skirt

An A-line skirt or dress with a short hem for a modern finish. Skater silhouettes are fitted at the waistline and flare out to a wide circle hem.


Slub Knit

A knit fabric created from thick, unevenly twisted yarn to produce slight variations in texture and color. Slub knits are usually very soft and have a nice drape.


Stone Wash

A denim process that physically removes color and adds contrast by washing the fabric with pumice stones. The longer the denim and stones are rotated in the wash, the lighter the color becomes.


Vegan Leather

A synthetic fabric mimicking the look and feel of genuine leather. It is durable, stain-resistant and sometimes washable. May also be referred to as faux leather.



A textile formed by weaving yarn on a loom. Many different fabrics can be produced by varying the types of yarn used. Woven fabrics do not stretch unless the threads used are elastic.


Yoke (On Jeans)

The V-shaped section at the back of jeans, and helps to give the denim a curved seat. The deeper the V of the yoke, the greater the curve.

Yoke Jeans