A skirt or dress with a fitted waist that gradually flares out to a wider hemline, resembling the letter A.


The scraping or rubbing of the surface of denim (usually done with pumice stones) to give it a worn-in or faded look.


Cutting shapes from fabrics and attaching them to a garment (usually by sewing the two together) as a decorative finish.


A garment in which each side of the item is shaped differently. This may apply to hemline length, body shape, neckline shape and more.

Bandage Dress

A tight-fitting dress made of a stretchy knit fabric that appears to be wrapped around the body in layers of "bandages".


A fitted strapless top made of a stretchy fabric. Bandeaus are most often used as layering pieces or worn as bikini tops.

Batwing Sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves that are fitted at the wrist and gradually widen to be full under the arm. May also be referred to as a dolman sleeve.


Short for "body-conscious," this is a tight-fitting silhouette that emphasizes the contours of the body.


A close-fitting one-piece garment that covers the body but not the legs, similar to a one-piece swimsuit. Frequently made of a stretch knit material.

Bomber Jacket

A short jacket with a fitted hemline that falls to the waist. The name is inspired by World War II fighter pilots.


A pair of pants (usually jeans) that flares slightly at the knee, so that they can easily be worn over boots.


A lightweight knit fabric created by combining two different yarns, then destroying part of one type of yarn (often by dissolving it) to create a finished product with a partially-sheer pattern.


A fitted strapless top with boning throughout to create a cinched shape. Can be worn either as a brassiere or as an outer garment. May also be referred to as a bra top.


A gemstone or bead that has been convexly shaped and polished as opposed to cut and faceted.

Capri Pants

A close-fitting pant style with tapered legs ending anywhere between the calf and the ankle.

Carryall Bag

A large, spacious bag. Can be used as either a handbag or as luggage.


A lightweight woven cloth that looks similar to denim.

Chandelier Earrings

Multi-tier earrings that dangle from the earlobes. They often bear a resemblance to the shape of chandeliers.


A sheer, lightweight woven fabric often used for dresses, tops and scarves. Can be constructed from silk or synthetic fibers.


A garment composed of multiple, defined blocks of contrasting solid colors.


In watches, this describes an analog movement with a stopwatch function, displayed in 2 or 3 sub-dials that count seconds, minutes and sometimes partial seconds.

Cold-Shoulder Top

A top that features decorative cutouts at the shoulders.


A close-fitting lingerie-style top that extends from the chest to the hips. Corsets often feature boning to create a streamlined silhouette.

Crepe de Chine

A lightweight woven silk or synthetic fabric with a crepe-like crinkled effect. It is often used for dresses.

Crop Top

A shirt in which the hemline ends above the natural waistline.

Cross-Body Bag

A handbag with a long strap meant to be worn across the body, allowing the wearer to be hands-free.


Shorts or pants with a frayed raw-edge finish, as if the hem has been cut off.


A V-shaped tuck that is sewn into a garment to shape it. Darts are often found at the bustline, shoulder, waist, and hipline of garments.

Destroyed Denim

A denim finishing technique that intentionally creates holes in the fabric for a worn-in look.


A woven fabric characterized by a textured appearance and geometric patterns in the cloth.

Dolman Sleeves

Sleeves that are fitted at the wrist and gradually widen to be full under the arm.An exaggerated dolman sleeve is often referred to as a batwing sleeve.

Dome Satchel

A handbag featuring a structured silhouette and a rounded top.

Empire Waist

A high waistline located just beneath the bust.


A surface that is carved, molded or stamped to create a textured design. Often seen in jewelry and other accessories.


A decorative shoulder piece on an item of clothing. Often seen on casual or military-inspired jackets and shirts.


A casual shoe with a canvas upper and rope-covered sole. Often available as wedges or flats.


Any synthetic fabric or material that mimics the look and feel of the genuine item. Examples include faux leather, faux fur or faux pearls.


An ornamental jewelry technique consisting of a delicate openwork design.


The application of raised fibers to a contrasting fabric. This produces a decorative textured print.

Flutter Sleeves

Short, loose sleeves that fall in folds over the upper arm.

Foil Print

A design or allover screen-print that uses a foiled finish for a shiny metallic effect. Frequently used on denim, t-shirts and other knits.

French Hook

A curved metal clasp used as a fastener on many earrings. It hangs from the earlobe without closure.


A sewing technique that shortens a piece of fabric so that it can be attached to a smaller piece. It's commonly used in clothing ( skirts, tops and more) to create a look of fullness.

Gladiator Sandal

An open-toe sandal with an upper composed of multiple crisscrossing straps. Designed to resemble the footwear of ancient Roman gladiators.


An elasticized piece of material that is used to join two or more pieces of a shoe upper together.


A denim finishing process that works to age the seams, loops, hems, pockets and waistband of a pair of jeans or other denim garment.


A denim finishing process done by hand that uses sandpaper to soften the surface fabric and fade the color.

Harem Pants

Women's pants that fit loosely at the crotch and thigh, and then taper to a close fit at the ankle.

Handkerchief Hem

An asymmetrical hem with two or more corners that hang down as points, resembling a handkerchief that is held at its center.


A hem that is short in the front and long in the back. Frequently used on skirts, shirts, and dresses.

Hobo Bag

A spacious, crescent-shaped bag with a slouchy, unstructured body.


A fabric in which the yarn has been tie-dyed prior to being woven into the final pattern.


The seam on the inside of the leg of a pair of pants. Also refers to the length of this seam.


A knit or woven fabric with an intricate textured pattern.


A one-piece garment consisting of a top with attached pants.


A textile made by interlocking loops of yarn by hand or using a machine. The finished product is usually a soft, stretchy fabric.

Lobster Clasp

A jewelry clasp that uses a claw-shaped hook to catch the loop on the opposite end of the chain.


A yarn spun from one or more colors. Marled yarn is often used in the creation of knit sweaters.


A smooth, even finish free from shine or highlights. Often used on watches and other accessories.

Maxi Dress

A dress with a long hemline that extends at least to the ankle.

Midi Skirt/Midi Dress

A skirt or dress with a hemline that ends anywhere from just below the knee to just above the ankle.

Midi Ring

Any ring worn between the middle and upper joints of the finger.


A small, highly ornamental evening bag often adorned with jewels, metal trim or other decorative items. These bags vary in shape and often include a short chain.


A very short skirt that hits at least several inches above the knee.

Moto Jacket

A jacket styled to resemble traditional motorcycle gear, often including zipper details and an asymmetrical closure. Frequently made of leather or faux-leather.


A color effect with gradual changes in shade from light to dark or from one hue to another.


A pair of pants with an attached flap that covers the chest and has adjustable straps that fit over the shoulders. May also be referred to as bibs.

Peasant Top

A loose-fitting shirt with full, puffed sleeves. Often includes a drawstring neckline and elastic trim at the cuffs and hem to create a ruffled effect.


A shoe with a small opening at the front of the toe-box, leaving the toes partially exposed.

Pencil Skirt

A slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut and a straight hemline ending at or just below the knees.


A ruffled or flared panel of fabric that falls just below the natural waistline. Often attached to skirts and tops.


A folded pleat that has been stitched to hold it in place.


Any shoe featuring a thick, exaggerated sole that adds height. Platform soles are often made of cork, plastic, rubber or wood.


A delicate open-knit pattern.


Light, thin and durable plastic with high impact resistance and scratch resistance. Commonly used for sunglass lenses.


A thick, tightly knit fabric that has some stretch but holds its shape. Frequently used to create dresses, leggings and skirts.

Princess Seams

Long seams often found on the bodice of women's garments, allowing for a contoured fit without the use of darts.


A heeled shoe with a closed back and a low-cut vamp. Pumps may have open toes, peep toes, pointed toes, or round toes, and can have heels of varying heights.

Raglan Sleeves

A type of sleeve which extends in a single piece from the cuff to the arm, creating a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone.


How well a fabric returns to its original state after being stretched. To have good recovery means that a fabric will stretch but not become misshapen and stretched out.


A material that has the look, feel and durability or natural stone without using actual stone. Often used as a decorative element on jewelry.

Rip and Repair

Ripped denim that is sewn and patched to create a unique appearance.


The measurement of a pair of pants from waistband to seam.


A one-piece garment consisting of a top with attached shorts.


A piece of fabric that has been gathered to create a rippled effect. Used as a decorative element on dresses, tops and more.


Leather or faux leather with a textured finish consisting of a series of diagonal lines. This creates a durable, scratch-resistant surface.


A structured handbag, often featuring a shoulder strap and a flap or zipper closure.


A relatively thick neoprene fabric that creates a smooth, supportive silhouette. Frequently used in the construction of dresses, skirts and tops.

Shelf Bra

A lightly supportive built-in bra. Frequently included as a part of tank tops or dresses.

Sheath Dress

A simply shaped straight, fitted dress containing darts for a streamlined silhouette.

Shift Dress

A simply shaped, loose-fitting dress with clean, straight lines.


A pair of shorts with an attached flap that covers the chest and has adjustable straps that fit over the shoulders. The shorts variation of full-length overalls.

Skater Dress/Skirt

An A-line skirt or dress with a short hem for a modern finish. Skater silhouettes are fitted at the waistline and flare out to a wide circle hem.

Slim Clutch

A wallet that is large enough to double as a night-out clutch. Features an organized interior with space for cards, cash, ID and more.


A modified pump or flat featuring an open heel secured by an elasticized or buckle-closure strap.

Slip Dress

A women's dress that closely resembles a slip or petticoat. It traditionally has spaghetti straps.


A functional and decorative feature where parallel rows of elastic stitching are used to gather fabric into panels.


A dress that is styled to look like a button-up shirt, often including a collared neckline and button closures at the sleeves.


A diagonally overlapping v-shaped neckline that creates a wrap-like effect.

Slub Knit

A knit fabric created from thick, unevenly twisted yarn to produce slight variations in texture and color. Slub knits are usually very soft and have a nice drape.


Decoratively gathered or shirred fabric that is used to shape a garment and create an elastic effect.

Stone Wash

A denim process that physically removes color and adds contrast by washing the fabric with pumice stones. The longer the denim and stones are rotated in the wash, the lighter the color becomes.

Sweetheart Neckline

A neckline that is low at the front and is shaped like the top of a stylized heart.


A method of creating contrast in denim by folding and tacking the fabric before it’s washed. The inner part of the fold gets less exposure to abrasion and creates variations within the shades.


A hip-length top often worn with pants or leggings.


A spacious, functional handbag with a rectangular silhouette and top handles. Can be made of canvas, leather or vinyl.


Smooth, untreated leather commonly used for shoes or as trim on luggage and handbags.


The front section of a shoe's upper, which covers the toe and extending to instep and laces (if applicable).

Vegan Leather

A synthetic fabric mimicking the look and feel of genuine leather. It is durable, stain-resistant and sometimes washable. May also be referred to as faux leather.


On denim, refers to crease lines around the pockets and knees that are created by laser or hand-brushing.


A textile formed by weaving yarn on a loom. Many different fabrics can be produced by varying the types of yarn used. Woven fabrics do not stretch unless the threads used are elastic.

Yoke (On Tops)

On shirts and tops, this is a shaped pattern piece along the neck and shoulders which helps to create the shape of a garment.

Yoke (On Jeans)

The V-shaped section at the back of jeans, and helps to give the denim a curved seat. The deeper the V of the yoke, the greater the curve.